Latest Kitchen Design Trends: Quality Craftsmanship Meets Modern Appeal

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We build a lot of kitchens and hear a lot of common themes as we discuss the priorities of our client’s remodels. The kitchen is definitively the space in most homes where people come together. It’s a space where function and form meet to provide homeowners the quality time they are looking for – whether that means an efficient and enjoyable flow to a cooking project with room to do the things necessary, or a space for family to gather together. At Clar Construction we work with you to combine the best of both of those worlds.

Open Layout

One of the most common interests we hear expressed is the desire to connect the kitchen with the rest of the house. Many of us live in older homes where historically the kitchen was built as a stand alone room that is sectioned off from the rest of the house. By removing walls or sometimes just re-orienting the existing space we can create a more open floor plan.



Combining materials like different countertop choices for perimeter cabinets and island cabinetry can create a nice look and feel to a project. We are often using wood for the island countertop where there might be a seating area and food prep happening and stone for the perimeter countertops where the sink, stove and the other small countertop appliances are often housed.

Open Shelving & Wall Finishes

Designing for some open shelving can be a good way to reduce the “heaviness” that can come with typical upper cabinets. It’s not for everyone though as some people understandably want to tuck their things away. But if you have some nice things to display or simply like the look of open shelving you won’t be alone as this is a common detail in kitchen design.

This, coupled with a different wall finish can add some texture to what becomes a focal point or display wall. This can be achieved with color or also a shift in the material itself by using a product like ship lap.

At Clar Construction, our approach is grounded in our commitment to quality. Our team of professionals ensures that every aspect, from material selection to installation, reflects the skill and precision that we are known for. Our designs aren’t just about what’s trending but about melding those trends with time-tested craftsmanship. This ensures that your kitchen isn’t just contemporary but also timeless.

In conclusion, while design trends come and go, the essence of a perfect kitchen remains constant: a balance of beauty and function. With the expertise of Clar Construction, homeowners can achieve a space that not only reflects current trends but also stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship.

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