Our Process

Step 1: Get To Know Each Other

Whether our prospective clients call, email, or walk in the office, there is always a conversation where we will start to learn about each other. We find that people considering a project for their home sometimes have very distinct ideas about what they’d like to do, while others have a sense that they need something about their home to change to better satisfy their lifestyle. 

We’ll ask the questions that will allow you to share whatever your current thinking is. We’ll also likely suggest some other ideas that you may want to consider.


During this meeting, we will share with you the general outline of our process and determine if this Design-Build is a method you are comfortable with.


We’ll also want to talk about the amount of money you’re considering investing in your home and how that amount relates to the price of similar projects we’ve already completed. We’ll suggest a range of costs during this initial consultation, or if the project has some complexity to it, we’ll set another meeting within a week to review what we think this price range will be.


If that price range is not consistent with your expectations, we’ll talk about ways to alter the scope to meet the budget goals. Or perhaps we’ll agree that we’re not a good fit for each other. That’s ok- It doesn’t always work! If we do agree that the budgeting goals are consistent with what we believe the price of the project will likely be, then we’ll ask you to enter into our Project Development Agreement.

Step 2: Project Development Agreement

The objective of the Project Development phase is to produce a project scope that meets the goals of the project.


Now that we’ve committed to working together within a target budget, we begin a series of meetings in which we will identify the scope of the project. Certain types of projects will engage one of the designers or architects we work with, while other types of projects will be designed with our in house staff.

It is through a series of meetings that we collaboratively establish exactly what it is that will be built for you– from the floor plan right down to the grout color and towel bars.

This is the way we know to make sure that everything will be accounted for both from the perspective of the user (there needs to be a place to hang the towel!) but equally important is that it is only when we identify all of these details that we can confidently provide the fixed price model that we work within.

During this process, we engage our trade partners and vendors to provide their expertise as we work to establish the scope and product selections. We’ll also talk about specific needs that may be uniquely important to your family and you – things like dust control, snow clearing, and accommodations that may need to be made for children or pets. You, of course, can decide to alter the goals of the project along the way – we’ll be clear to discuss the financial implications.

When we reach the end of the Project Development phase and see that everyone’s goals are in alignment, the next step is to commit to the construction agreement.

Step 3: The Construction Phase


This is the step we have been working toward since the start of the project planning! One of our lead carpenters (who you will have already met) will be assigned to your project, and he or she will be your point person during construction. 

Our in house team of carpentry staff works in conjunction with a team of subcontractors that fulfill the specialty/licensed trades (electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.).


Everyone who is part of your project will be properly insured. We will progress through the various stages of your project with the lead carpenter orchestrating the schedule. You will receive periodic updates on what to expect for progress over the upcoming weeks and which trades will be working on your home.

All of the planning that we collaborated on pays off during the construction phase, minimizing questions (though there will still be some!) and supporting smooth progress and quality craftsmanship during the project.

Step 4: Project Completion & Warranty


Our clients are typically pretty excited to see us arrive at their home to start building their project. And we know that they’re similarly excited to see us go so they can begin enjoying their newly remodeled home. We’ll do everything we can to be as efficient with our scheduling as possible so you can start living in your space again without us as your daily guest! 

After all, this is the reason we’ve previously spent so much time regarding the upfront planning of the project during the PDA phase — it allows us to return your home to you in its new condition as quickly as possible.

We have the end of your project in our view from the day we begin it. As we approach the end of your project, we will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss any outstanding items that need to be completed to ensure that everyone experiences the project as a success. 

We’ll have our list of things to do, and you’ll have the opportunity to bring ideas to our attention that might be on your list. This way, we can address these items, while all of our resources are still at your home.

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