About Clar Construction

Your Guides to Custom Home Remodeling in the Montpelier, Vermont region.

The Clar Construction team consists of professional designers, craftsman and carpenters who will help bring your vision to life – from start to finish. 

- Our Core Values -


We take pride in our standards and a durable final product

At Clar Construction we: 

  • Use our knowledge of the whole house as a system
  • Plan carefully and invest time in quality
  • Are persistent at solving problems
  • Take pride in accuracy and efficiency
  • Choose quality materials
  • Produce excellent work we are proud to contribute to the community


We value inclusive, two-way communication

At Clar Construction we: 

  • Seek mutual understanding of common goals
  • Work together to find solutions
  • Ensure everyone’s perspectives are understood
  • Ask questions, offer perspectives, and check-in regularly
  • Are sincere, honest, and genuine
  • Practice patience
  • Use a respectful tone with each other, with clients, vendors, and with trade partners


Sincere relationships define us

At Clar Construction we: 

  • Respect each other and all clients and partners
  • Anticipate one another’s needs and show up for each other
  • Keep our word
  • Follow through
  • Own up to mistakes
  • Acknowledge, respect, and respond to unexpected client needs
  • Work with trade partners whose standards and values align with ours
  • Acknowledge that we guests in our clients’ homes


We are committed to our community and long term sustainability

At Clar Construction we: 

  • Support our community through volunteer time, carpentry, and personally relevant projects
  • Respond to people in need
  • Are generous
  • Practice responsible building science
  • Support local businesses
  • Our approach serves our long-term vision of sustainability
  • Build quality, long lasting projects that perform efficiently
  • Pay a liveable wage


Our team is committed to learning, personal growth, self-fulfillment, and meaning in our work

At Clar Construction we: 

  • Pursue personal and professional growth
  • Are open to new ideas
  • It is safe to make mistakes and keep learning
  • Client feedback leads to action

Dan Clar

Dan has been in construction since 1996, when a part-time job in college introduced him to carpentry. He continued working with wood after graduation, and started Clar Construction in 2004.

Jared Coyne

Since Jared joined the Clar team he’s been focused and successful in becoming an extremely talented carpenter that we’re proud to have on our projects.  His high-quality carpentry and clear communication work together with his kind, authentic demeanor that has our clients consistently offering him their praises as they welcome our team into their homes.

Dana Hock

Dana provides the bookkeeping expertise to Clar Construction. Working mostly behind the scenes she does a huge job in keeping our house in order!

Megan McDonald

After some years working in the agricultural community, Meg joined us an Apprentice Carpenter in 2021. She’s got an awesome, positive demeanor and is a great problem solver offering creative solutions to the endless puzzles that we piece together. She’s gaining an incredible amount of skill as she learns more and more about carpentry.

Miky Rusenas

Miky came to Clar Construction from a position in eduction and before that had several years working in the trades in a cabinet shop and in the field. He is glad to be back working with his hands and has made great strides as a Carpenter since starting at Clar. He’s got a reputation for being highly precise and caring in all the projects he works on.

Erik Threlkeld

Erik started his career in carpentry in 2002 and has been honing his carpentry and woodworking skills ever since. We’re pleased to have his expertise and leadership on the Clar team as Lead Carpenter. His creative thinking, command of the trade, and drive to produce combine to produce excellent results for our clients.

Dana Hock

Dana provides the bookkeeping expertise to Clar Construction. Working mostly behind the scenes she does a huge job in keeping our house in order!