Bathroom Design Trends: Merging Function with Aesthetics

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Bathrooms have steadily moved from being purely functional spaces to areas reflecting personal tastes. A well-crafted bathroom enhances the home’s value and offers a comfortable space to get ready for the work day or clean up after a day of play. With bathroom design continuously evolving, current preferences lean toward a balance of practicality and contemporary aesthetics. At Clar Construction, our expertise lies in intertwining enduring craftsmanship with these current trends, ensuring bathrooms that emphasize both quality and contemporary design.

Clean Lines:

The less-is-more approach is gaining traction

Uncluttered Spaces: Minimize visible toiletries and other items. Employ built-in shelves, linen closets, or cabinets to keep the space tidy.

Shapes: The shapes of the fixtures and finishes we choose play a role in the aesthetic.  Rectangular sink or oval? Linear tiles or geometric? Angular fixtures or curved?  These are all contributing factors to how the space will look and feel when the remodel is complete. 

Innovative Storage Options:

Innovative storage can help keep bathrooms organized

Recessed Cabinets and shower niches: Utilizing the wall space between studs to create additional storage without consuming floor space.

Floating Vanities: These not only add a modern touch but also facilitate easier cleaning beneath them.

Features for Ultimate Relaxation:

With wellness being a focal theme

Walk-in Showers: Often designed with frameless doors, these offer a spacious feel.

Freestanding Bathtubs: A statement piece, they provide a deep soak experience.

Heated Floors: A touch of high-quality comfort, ensuring the floor is warm underfoot during colder months.

Emphasis on Natural Light:

Larger Windows: Expanding the size of your bathroom windows can drastically increase the amount of sunlight pouring into the space. Bigger windows provide an expansive view of the outdoors, seamlessly connecting the inside with nature, and lending a serene atmosphere to the room.

Privacy Solutions with Frosted Glass: If you’re concerned about privacy, especially in urban or closely spaced settings, frosted glass is an excellent choice. It allows light to filter through while obscuring detailed visuals from the outside. The result is a luminous glow that brightens the bathroom without compromising on seclusion.

Clar Construction:

Your partner in creating the transformation of your home.

Our commitment is to craft our projects in a way that will stand the test of time. By integrating modern design trends and timeless details with the skill of our carpenters, Clar Construction ensures that your bathroom is not just another space in your home but a reflection of your taste combined with unmatched functionality. If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel or upgrade, contact us to guide you through a journey of quality craftsmanship.

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