Living Through the Remodeling Process


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As exciting as it can be to think about remodeling your kitchen or adding on for some additional space, I often hear our clients brace themselves for the impending “invasion” on their home and their home lives.  I recall some years ago having the attic in my home dense packed with cellulose insulation and experiencing some version of this.  There was a guy in my son’s bedroom making sure the old drywall wall didn’t buckle and a guy up in the attic installing the material.  And at the end of the day finding a fine layer of dust just about everywhere.  There is no doubt about it – having work done in your home is a disruption to the normal routine (though hopefully for a good cause as you improve your space to fit your lifestyle). 

We know remodeling is an invasive process and we do everything we can think of to make it as painless as possible. 

Good People

I was once walking up to one of our job sites where the guys were installing exterior trim on some new windows.  They were two stories up on scaffolding and I could hear the music playing as I approached the house.   While walking down the driveway the neighbor approached me and said “I don’t need any work done on my house but if I did I would want those guys (pointing to the guys up on the scaffolding) to be the ones to do it!”  

We know how important it is to put good people in your home and working on your project.  We are very aware that we are around your kids, your pets, your stuff and though it’s not always perfect, our clients can unreservedly know that we will respect all of these things.

Smart Planning

Before the project begins we will develop and review with you a plan for protecting your property.  We will discuss the areas of the floor that will need protecting.  We will discuss where the plastic walls will be set up to limit the dust migrating throughout the whole house.  We’ll plan to run our dust filtration machine in the work space to further limit the dusty mess.  We’ll even talk about where exactly we can put the portable toilet so you can be assured, for example, that it’s not in the way of the snow plow.

How to Prepare for Our Arrival

As much as we pride ourselves on our clients being able to depend on us, we also require and rely on our clients to assist in getting the project off on the right foot.  We can’t be responsible for moving your Great Aunt Cynthia’s crystal bowl, or for keeping your escape artist cat from sneaking out the door while we come and go throughout the day.  When we show up to your home to install your new windows we need the furniture surfaces cleared of their normal contents (the jewelry, the photos) and an area to work in.  If you would like we can often help with the heavy furniture, but you’ll need to take care of the personal items.  

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