Nov 18 2012

Home Renovation in Montpelier

remodeled kitchen in Montpelier VTFor the late Summer and Fall of 2012 we were engaged with a project that consisted of remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and closets in this Montpelier home.

The bathroom is very small, presenting the challenge of accommodating everything that needed to fit within the space.  To accommodate the narrow door opening from the hall, we built a curved vanity in which we laminated multiple layers of material  into the curved shape shown in the photograph.  This allowed for much needed counter space while not constricting the entry.

The kitchen is flat panel cherry cabinetry.  As space was scarce in the floor plan, we used a very cool door track hardware to separate the laundry room from the kitchen.

The bedrooms and closets either had their original wood floors restored, or we laid new wood flooring to match the original material.

The closets interiors were customized with cabinetry and drawers.

curved bathroom vanity