Our Views

How we think


Design and planning resolve important questions before the job begins. The result is a smoother project with better results.

Over time we have built relationships with many designers and architects. We can recommend or include a designer on a project on request—not all clients have an existing relationship with a design professional.

Even with detailed plans on paper, there are always decisions made on site between the client and the contractor. We enjoy this process and are eager to contribute to it. Some of our best work comes from being thoroughly steeped in a project and letting some aspects emerge as the work progresses.

Client Relationships

Remodeling projects put us right in the middle of your home, and we do everything we can to minimize discomfort and disarray. From talking with neighbors about parking to keeping the jobsite neat, we never forget we work for you.

Our goal is to inspire confidence and do work on your home we will both be proud of. We particularly enjoy building a partnership with you and finding creative solutions to challenges and obstacles that sometimes arise.

Why We Do It

Taking something from concept to reality is rewarding, and each project presents its own opportunities. When our clients get an enhancement that will satisfy them for decades to come, we share that gratification.

We take our work seriously. We always ask, “What would I do if this were my house?”

Where We’re Going

Building science is a moving target. Experience, consistent attendance at trade shows, subscriptions to trade publications, and constant research all inform our decision making.

New materials and building techniques mean more choices , and we use our understanding of them to support informed customer decisions. The result is a merging of traditional craftsmanship with the opportunities offered by new technology.

We understand the importance of building in environmentally and financially sustainable ways. We are committed to projects that minimize costs, respect limited resources, and provide comfortable and beautiful environments for our clients.