Jul 30 2012

A Summer of Small Projects

Although it’s often nice to be stationed at one project for a few months, we’ve been taking care of numerous small projects for the last month and a half.  These projects are lasting anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

We’ve been siding a house with clear western red cedar and trim and installing new windows.  It’s really a beautiful material, and not one that is very common in Central Vermont.

We found it a challenge to find many houses in the area for the owner to see a whole house finished in this way.  This past month was phase one where we completed the North side of the house.  Phase 2 will complete the other three sides in a year or so from now, along with new eaves trim to accommodate an extended roof projection.

The impetus for this project was rotting siding, failing paint, and rotted sheathing due to poor flashing detailing.  Upon demolition, we installed new sheathing, repaired the existing rigid insulation as necessary, and established a drainage plane behind the new siding.   This detail accommodates any water that may get behind the siding and allows it to drain.